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Where to Adopt Your Next Dog

February 15, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

There are a variety of ways to add a new dog to your family.  Each has its benefits and its potential problems.  So, it is important to consider all of your choices and make the decision that will allow you to find the right pet your family.  The most common places to adopt a dog include dog shelters and breed rescue associations.

Dog Shelters, Dog Pounds and Humane Societies

Responsible animal shelters, dog pounds or humane societies can be some of the best places to find a dog for your family.  Most of the pets that end up in these shelters were obtained by families who did not understand the responsibilities of caring for a pet or who had an unforeseen change in their family circumstances and can no longer properly care for their pet. 

Good shelters will make sure that the dogs have a complete medical screening and are healthy.  The shelter will get as complete a history of the pet as it can and will thoroughly assess the dog’s temperament.  Shelters typically offer a good range of services to make sure that a dog is being placed in the proper home.  They may offer pre-adoption counseling to make sure that you fully understand what is required to properly care for your dog and to make sure that the type of dog that you adopt is a good fit for your family.  Most offer dogs for adoption who are up to date on their vaccinations and have already been spayed or neutered.  Some shelters even offer post-adoption services including dog-training classes and medical services. 

You will pay a lot less for your dog at a shelter than you would from a breeder or pet store and you can feel good about knowing that you prevented a dog from being euthanized when you welcomed him into your home. 

One of the potential problems with adopting a dog from a shelter is that you can’t be sure of the dog’s history since shelter staff are relying on previous owners to fill in the gaps.  Another potential problem is that you may not get the dog that you want.  If you have your heart set on a certain breed, there is no guarantee that a shelter will have that particular dog, especially if you are looking for a dog of a particular gender or age.

Breed Dog Rescue Associations

If you are looking for a dog of a particular breed then a breed rescue association might be a good place for you to begin your search.  These type of rescue associations usually only handle the adoption of one dog breed.  So, they are a good way to find a particular breed of dog and provide it a good home.  Their prices are usually significantly lower than a breeder or pet store.  However, they may have dogs that have been abused or have health problems.  You may also need to adopt an older dog rather than a new puppy which you could get from a breeder.

So, if you are looking to add a new dog to your home then consider doing a good deed and adopting a dog that would be otherwise euthanized.